Wedding Photography is About Timing A Professional Photographer Knows from Years of Experience

Weddings have been my expertise for over 20 years. I have studied techniques, trends and have come up with my own style. I believe that a nice mix of candid and posed portraits of your wedding day tells a more complete story and adds a unique touch to your album.

I have been told by many couples that one of my attributes at their wedding was my ability to get them to relax. I make images look like they happen naturally, as they often time do. However, you cannot pose a tear dropping from Dad's eye when he is dancing with his daughter, or when they are doing the Father-Daughter Dance. You need to be in that perfect position or angle to capture the image.

Of course, we have to pose the family groupings... but, we pose people quickly and make it comfortable. My wife and I have photographed over 1,500 weddings and have a great deal of expertise and experience.